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The benefits of exercising have always been known. But exercise was not known to be fun… UNTIL NOW!…
It is a fitness program that also entertains you by combining fidgety latin rhythms with easy-to-follow dance moves.
With the combination of slow and fast rhythms, it aims to work your whole body and shapes your body while burning your calories.

Our goal is simple: to get you to exercise, but also to make you love to exercise! Regulars of this dance provide long-term benefits with one hour of energy-filled, calorie-burning, fun classes. Not realizing how time flies!

As of October 2010, the Zumba & Dance Fitness program is held in more than 90,000 venues in 110 countries. 10 million people attend budans classes every week. Revolutionizing the fitness world, it continues to change the lives of its fans.

It is the ideal program for you if you want to lose weight, get in shape, dance without the need for a partner, if you think that working with equipment in gyms is boring, if you want to have fun while doing sports!

What is Zumba Dance?

Zumba, which is called both dance and sport, teaches dancing with fun with its different figures that give form; it manages to provide many benefits to you and your body.

You can easily learn Zumba, which does not have strict rules and focuses entirely on your enjoyment while dancing; You can experience the benefits and contributions it provides in a short time.

Thanks to Zumba courses, you will increase your self-confidence with your more alive and fit body, and you will be fun and social individuals.

Benefits of Zumba:

  • You will stay in shape and lose weight.
  • You correct your posture disorders.
  • You feel dynamic and energetic.
  • You get away from stress.
  • It will contribute to your social life.
  • It will support body development.
  • It reduces the risk of disease.
  • It supports other dance branches.
  • It contributes to mental development.
  • It increases your self-confidence.

Call us now to meet Zumba and take your place in the courses.

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