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Hip-hop, which completed its infrastructure in the late 70s and swept across America when it emerged as a socio-cultural identity, literally means ‘hitting your hips – bouncing your hips’. The reason why hip-hop, which has such a simple meaning as a word, went beyond America and influenced the whole world, is not the meaning of the word; due to his attitude towards life.

The emergence of hip-hop dance, on the other hand, was formed by the change and enrichment of the movements made with the upper part of the body, called “top rock” in break dance, which came out in the 1970s, as well as being the product of a black culture, it has many things brought by the philosophy of comfort of the people in this culture. The dance of this phenomenon, which is considered a culture in terms of both the clothes worn and the lifestyle, is still very much reflected in hip-hop dance, even today.

When we talk about hip-hop dance, the first thing that comes to our mind is the rhythmic movement of one’s body with the foreign music we listen to in our daily life. There is no limit to the movements that can be used in hip-hop dance, including the music we listen to while going to the disco or club, hip-hop dance can be done in almost any moving piece. Everyone can do this dance as they want, both in terms of improving their body image and in order to get rid of the stress of daily life, of course, by getting a good education.

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