Weekly Schedule
Tuesday-Thursday // 12:00 – 13:00, Melike Günal Öziş
Tuesday-Thursday // 19:00 – 20:00, Elif or Neslihan

– Provides firm and strong abdominal and back muscles.
– Creates flexibility.
– Supports body posture.
– Provides muscle control.
– Increases the efficiency of oxygen use with the teaching of correct breathing.
– Increases fitness level.
– Reduces the risk of injury.
– Increases concentration power.
– Increases athletic performance.

What is Pilates, What are the benefits?
Pilates is a method that incorporates Eastern and Western philosophies, including yoga, dance, endurance-strength training and gymnastics. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920 with the aim of linking the mind and body and making it work. The exercise method, which includes close to 500 controlled movements, improves endurance, flexibility and muscle development, as well as the body’s mobility and posture.

– At the end of 10 sessions, you will feel good, you will start to feel the difference and get to know your body.
– At the end of 20 sessions, you will start to have a new body, see the difference and increase the level of physical fitness.
– At the end of 30 sessions, you will have a completely renewed body, especially healthy, tight abdominal and back muscles.
The difference of Pilates from other exercises is its method and application form. Pilates focuses the mind on body movements, developing the abdomen/back area, and gaining body coordination.

In Pilates, the whole body is worked. It consists of chains of movement that work the abdominal / core region, increase the endurance of the spine and improve the mobility of the joints.
With this exercise system you will feel mentally and physically refreshed.
To summarize, Pilates includes excellent exercises that develop the core area, increase the endurance of the muscles, and correct the body posture.

For whom is it suitable?
Pilates exercises are an exercise system that can be easily applied by people of all ages. It is especially preferred by dancers, stage performers and athletes, because it provides deep muscle strengthening in the abdomen / back area, while providing a tight appearance without thickening all body muscles. In addition, Pilates can be used effectively in the treatment of posture disorders, gaining flexibility and balance development, and disability rehabilitation.
Pilates exercises are effective in concentration and breathing exercises in pregnant women, strengthening and tightening of the postpartum abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

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