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Professional ballet artists who are experts in the principles of Cecchetti and Vaganova constitute the education staff of our school, which gives classical ballet education by applying the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD / England) curriculum. RAD certificates are regularly given to students who are successful as a result of the tests conducted by RAD officials who are invited to Turkey at certain times. If necessary, special lessons are added to the program for advanced ballet movements that will be required in the next RAD classes or Conservatory classes, depending on the individual abilities of the students.

Individual technical lessons are given to students of all ages and all types of dancers who attend the Conservatory, professional dancers or serious amateur dance goals.

While instilling the love of ballet in you and our children with the Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova technique, you can get information about our classes so that you can learn ballet with the most accurate, detailed, attentive and enjoyable program.

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