Dance (French: Danse) or Raks (Arabic: رقص) can be a tradition, art, a form of treatment, or just a form of expression in which the whole body can be exercised together with aesthetics, accompanied by a musical rhythm.

When we say exercise or sports for health, activities such as walking, running, football and cycling come to mind. However, dance is a fun exercise that can keep us physically fit.

What are the benefits of dancing?

Physical fitness, balance, general health and coordination increase as many muscle groups work simultaneously while dancing. Your motor skills, attention, and both distant and recent memory are also trained.

Thanks to dancing, the amount of “serotonin” (happiness hormone) in the blood also increases. When this is the case, the mood and immune system develops in a positive way. Supports stress management.

One of the beauties of dancing is that you can do it in a fun way with a partner or group. It provides socialization.

Thanks to this activity, which can also be done for the purpose of eliminating physical disorders, some problems (such as flat feet, introversion) can be eliminated.

The dancer learns to eat healthy and balanced by self-discipline.

Dancing can enable him to participate in organizations such as shows. In this way, he learns to work disciplined and regularly for a long time.

Slow dance improves your posture, while fast dancing improves your fitness. The ideal is a combination of the two 🙂

Dancing as a hobby is advantageous as it will not overload the joints. The risk of injury is low.

Stay happy and healthy by dancing 🙂

At our school, we have many dance classes for all ages. From the age of 3, ballet, hip-hop, modern dance and pilates classes start from the age of 5. Our private and group dance lessons for children and adults continue except on Sundays.

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