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  2. Why Us?

Etiler Art Center is dedicated to qualified ballet and dance education. Our aim is to create a solid ballet foundation for our children, not only to give them technical superiority, but also to direct them to enjoy and love ballet. For this reason, while teaching ballet technique with a safe approach in ESM, great importance is given to the artistic quality of ballet.

Our mission is to leave a mark in ballet and other dances and lessons in our education program as a ‘school that provides accurate, solid and enjoyable education’ and to be remembered for life.


Considering that not every ballet school is the same, we recommend that parents or ballet and dance students pay attention to the following features:

  • Are the teaching staff passionate, serious and have professional experience?
  • Are ballet training programs planned for students to develop towards serious goals such as RAD and MEB certificates, preparation for the conservatory, and year-end performance?
  • To evaluate these, we recommend that you see the advanced students of the ballet school you are studying during the lesson.
  • Is the ballet, dance school and its surroundings safe and clean?
  • The outer door should only be opened from the inside, there should be a child lock for the little ones, and there should be a separate emergency exit door. An attendant must be ready to help at any time during the ballet lesson.
  • Ballet and dance floor, as in other sports, should be prepared with the flexibility to put the least load on the joints, spinal cord and bones, and with controlled slippery so that ballet and dance movements can be performed correctly and safely. The right flexibility can only be achieved with a special floor infrastructure. Floating-spring system of the floor, solid wood on the infrastructure should be preferred in terms of being static, electricity-free and quiet.
  • Ventilation should be suitable for ballet, dance and pilates exercises.
  • Large classes can reduce the quality of the lesson, so the number of students in ballet classes, dance and pilates classes should be limited.
  • Transportation and parking facilities should be available.
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