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Our school, where we provide education to all children over the age of 3, is RAD and MEB certified. All trainers are certified and offer the most accurate and entertaining form of ballet.

ESM Ballet Dance Pilates School is dedicated to qualified ballet and dance education.

The reason for the existence of ESM Bale; To see all our ballerinas who are educated in our school and who integrate themselves with ballet as trainers among us, to raise students who will safely entrust the new generations, who will be our representative in the spread of ballet, and who can teach this art as a profession all over the world.

Below is the information about the age groups and the training provided in our RAD and MEB certified ballet school:

Prep Mini Ballet / Prep 1 / Prep 2 (3-6 Years)

The Pink group children begin the art of ballet by getting acquainted with the unlimited imagination of ballet.

3-6 Years Old Ballet Preparation Course, which is considered as a ballet preparation class, is the last step of our children who have completed mini ballet courses before they start their Classical Ballet training.

In addition to making our pre-school ballerina candidates love ballet and developing their self-confidence in these lessons, which are in the nature of preparation for ballet;
– Formation of rhythm feelings by working with classical music,
– Recognize ballet movements and steps with fun accessories,
– Mimic and theatrical development with smart games,
– Ability to act collectively and dance thanks to group work,
– In addition to their mental development, our little ones’ body control and healthy physical development are ensured.

Technique 1 – Technique 6 (7-12 Years)

Ballet – Character Steps – Stretching – Kids Pilates- Culture Hour (Examination of Classical Ballet works and lessons)

It is the first leg of our Classical Ballet Course, which starts with students over the age of 6 and lasts for about 6 years, training trainers, dancers and choreographers at international standards. The aim of the program is to provide professional ballet training, to train individuals who are knowledgeable, equipped and visionary about ballet, and to develop the Turkish ballet art.

Technique 1-6 Ballet and Dance is the class where our children are introduced to the enjoyable and artistic side of ballet.

In these ballet lessons, ballerinas;
– Basic training of ballet steps,
– Basic training of character steps,
– Speaking the language of ballet and educating the student on this subject,
– Increasing awareness of ear and movement and awakening of art at the point where music meets dance,
– Taking the first steps of a pleasant and challenging journey,
– Body control and dominance, sports shaping and balanced muscle development while growing.

Technique 7 – Technique 8 (12-17 Years)

Ballet – Character Steps – Stretching – Pilates – Culture Hour (Examination of Classical Ballet works and lessons) – Modern Dance

Technique 1-6 is the journey of our students to the vast depths of ballet. It is the class where our students, who have already reached their personal awareness, have the pleasure of training and disciplining their bodies with ballet.

In these lessons with technical 7-8 ballerinas;
– A quick and intense introduction to ballet,
– Installation of the physical structure required for ballet,
– Body, latest designed Stretching and Pilates movements required for this setup,
– Russian, Polonese and Hungarian dance training that complements ballet with Character Dances,
– The perfect body posture targeted by challenging, disciplined, enjoyable work and dances,
– In addition to physical development, a strong sense of self-confidence is provided in a single branch that combines art and sports.

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Certificate Programs

– Junior Preparation (3.5-5.5 years old)
– Pre Primary (6-8 years old)
– RAD Grade 1-8 (8 years and above)
– RAD Vocationals (16 years and older)
– RAD RTS Mentor Program (Intermediate level higher education program)
– Hobby Ballet and RAD Program for Adults (18 years and over)

Instructors: Melike Günal Öziş , Oktay Aksoy , Elif Daç

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