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Etiler Art Center is the first representative of Adult Ballet Classes in Turkey, which attracts great attention in Europe and America. (2006)

Our Ballet Course for Adults, designed for all adults who have never met the world of ballet before or who have done ballet before, regardless of age and physical qualifications, has been one of the most important dance types that make us physically and spiritually peaceful and happy in our stressful and hectic daily life.

Our adult ballerinas also participate in the performance stage and RAD exams every year and reinforce their success with audiences and certificates.

What Are the Benefits of Adult Ballet?

It allows you to know yourself and your body.
It helps to relieve the discomfort in your spinal cord structure.
It provides a flexible, strong and healthy body appearance.
It helps you improve your ability to express yourself.
It improves your musical knowledge, sense of rhythm and ears.
It improves your sense of self-confidence.
It helps to eliminate posture disorders.
It brings a sense of responsibility and creativity.
It teaches planned and programmed living.
It allows you to gain an artistic perspective.
It gives stage and performance experience.
It allows you to get away from the stress of daily life.
It helps you to be more successful and happy in business and social life.

Adult Ballet Curriculum 2019-2020

Tuesday 19:00-20:15
Thursday 10:30-11:45
Thursday  19:00-20:15
Saturday 12:00-13:00

Call us for detailed information about our Adult Ballet Lessons.

Instructor : Oktay Aksoy

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