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Dilek İlker, who started her ballet career at Dilek Bale School in 1995, graduated with a degree in 2007. She won the Ankara University State Conservatory Performing Arts Department Modern Dance Major in 2008 and graduated with a degree in 2012 and was awarded a Certificate of Honor she. Alev Meral Tokgöz , Deniz Alp , Özgür Adam İnanç , Bürge Öztürk , Gülben Öztürk , Pınar Ataer , Candaş Baş , Selçuk Göldere , Orçun Okurgan ,Zelfiya Hamdeyava ,Dilek Sunam ,Serhat Güdül ,ÖzgeCremen Onuk ,EmiCei Ataman She had the opportunity to work with many names such as Aydemir, Aslı Güneş, Olga Göldere, Christopher Roman.

She had the opportunity to attend many dance workshops and workshops during and after her school years.

She received MK Pilates Mat training in June 2014.

In February 2014, Sofia University National Music Academy Ballet Department Vaganova system completed the pedagogical formation education with the highest degree.

She took the Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate exam in June 2015 and was successful.

In June 2018, she received Yoga training at Hara Yoga Vedanta Center.

In June 2019, she received Mat and Reformer training from the International Pilates Federation.

During her education at the ballet school, she had the opportunity to take part in many classical ballet works. In 2008, the City Theaters Young Days Reverse World, Musicals parade took place.

She had the opportunity to dance at the PIT Porsgruun Internasionale Teater Festival in 2010.

She took part in school projects both as a dancer and as a director in her university life.

Classical ballet ‘Royal Academy of Dance’ and ‘Vaganova’ training, which she started to give at the age of 19 at Ankara University Children’s Ballet, is still continuing.

She started working as a choreographer assistant and a repeater in 2008. She worked in Artiz School, Hormuz with 7 Husbands, Songs Sing You, Caucasian Chalk Circle, Screens, Annie Children’s Musical and many more projects she.

She has been taking part in musicals as a dancer and choreographer assistant in Müjdat Gezen theater since 2017.

She has danced in movies such as Everything is Love, Ayla, Bitter Sweet Sour.

In 2018, she made her first choreography in the theater play Tutsana Hands.

Born in Istanbul in 1989, the artist continues to work as a choreographer, dancer and trainer.

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