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Prep and Drama / Pre-Primary / Primary   (3-6 Years)
Prep, Pre-Primary and Primary’s  Pink group students start this art by meeting the unlimited imagination of ballet;
In these ballet preparatory classes, our pre-school ballerina candidates;
– Formation of rhythm feelings by working with classical music
– Recognize ballet moves and steps with fun accessories
– Mimic and theatrical development with smart games
– Ability to act collectively and dance thanks to group work
– In addition to their mental development, our little ones’ body control and healthy physical development are ensured.

Grade 1 – Grade 3 (7-12 Years)
Ballet – Character Steps – Stretching – Kids Pilates- Culture Hour (Examination of Classical Ballet works and lessons)
Modern dance
Grade 1 – 2 – 3  Ballet and Dance is the class where our children are introduced to the enjoyable and artistic side of ballet.

To ballerinas in blue lessons;
– Basic training of ballet steps
– Basic training of character steps
– Speaking the language of ballet and educating the student on this subject
– Increasing awareness of ear and movement at the point where music meets dance and awakening of art
– Taking the first steps of a pleasant and challenging journey
– Body control and dominance, sports shaping and balanced muscle development while growing.

Grade 3 – Grade 5 (12-17 Years)
Ballet – Character Steps – Stretching – Pilates – Culture Hour (Examination of Classical Ballet works and lessons) – Modern Dance
Grade 3 – 4 – 5 is the journey of our students to the vast depths of Ballet. It is the class where our students, who have already reached their personal awareness, have the pleasure of training and disciplining their bodies with ballet.

In these lessons with Grade 3 – 4 – 5 ballerinas;
– A quick and intense introduction to ballet
– Installation of the physical structure required for ballet
– Body, latest designed Stretching and Pilates movements required for this setup
– Russian, Polonese and Hungarian dance training that complements ballet with Character Dances
– Perfect body posture targeted by challenging, disciplined, enjoyable work and dances
– In addition to physical development, a strong sense of self-confidence is provided in a single branch that combines art and sports.

HOBBY BALLET (ADULTS) (18 years and older)
Ballet – Character Steps – Stretching – Pilates – Culture Hour (Examination of Classical Ballet works and lessons)

Hobby Ballet, which was brought to the world of adults with ESM, is proof that Ballet knows no boundaries and is open to everyone who loves, cares for, understands and most importantly can feel this art.
ESM has contributed to many older (18-60) ballerinas participating in this world, appearing on the stage and gaining certification through exams.

In these lessons with Hobby Ballerinas;
– Education of the principles and principles of ballet and the use of the body in accordance with this art
– All young and mature women work the small and large muscle groups targeted in the Ballet-Pilates-Stretching trilogy, thus increasing the quality of movement in their daily lives, protecting them against injuries, keeping the spine age young
– Thanks to the lessons held every day, the visibility of the fast and effective result of intensive work, the enjoyment of art, classical music, elegance and body control are provided.


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