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Aerial Hammock Yoga – Anti-Gravity Yoga – Hammock Yoga

With Aerial Yoga, we will enable our body to gain flexibility and strength with the right technique and its own natural resistance, proportional to our own weight (or lightness), while exhibiting our movements independent of gravity.

In short, you start a fun and sometimes easier practice that makes yoga even more colorful.


Monday Wednesday Friday 12:30
Wednesday 18:30
Sunday 10:00


Anti – Aging: The more flexible your body is, the more open your mind is, the younger you are. When you open your body to the universe, you also open your mind and inner world. That’s why Aerial Yoga is like discovering a fountain of youth and drinking from it.

Pain Relief: With the zero pressure effect of Aerial Yoga, the pain in your back is reduced, the muscles are stretched and relaxed. Many people, who could be treated with surgery, got rid of their problems and got better thanks to this system.

Happiness Hormone Cocktail: When you turn over with Aerial Yoga, the body system is also renewed. This triggers and increases the secretion of happiness hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, oxytacin and dopamine; Thanks to the clean blood flow to the brain, the neuroplasticity capacity (learning ability) increases.

Zero Pressure: If the sports you do are focused on pressure, your body will become tired and sluggish after a while; whereas you do sports to be more vigorous and energetic. In a balanced fitness approach, there should be zero pressure as well as pressure. In this way, while strengthening the muscles, you can also stretch them, and you will feel more vigorous. The reverse rotation movement also provides positive effects for the brain and nervous system.

In short, Aerial Yoga does not only provide a firm and healthy body; It also affects the health of your mind and inner world. And of course, it provides benefits that you cannot experience in any other exercise program.

Saying hello to this natural development that comes from yoga, say hello to innovations and yourself again with our experienced aerial yoga instructor Arati (Suna Uzun).

Join our Aerial Yoga classes in our 90m2 studio with maximum 8 students capacity. Sterilization is carried out twice a week in accordance with hygiene standards.
A transformative workout of body, mind and soul .
There is peace in strength; grace in release.
This is Suna Uzun Aerial
Step in.Let’s begin.
A unique work that transforms the body, mind and spirit.
To calmness while getting stronger; you reach grace when you can let go.
Welcome to Suna Uzun Aerial.
Take a step. So let’s start.


Instructor: Suna Uzun (Arati)

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